LNG STS Transfer Familiarization Training

Learning Topic: Tankers

74 Minutes

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The LNG Ship-to-Ship (STS) Familiarization Training has been developed to provide LNG Carrier officers, key crew, and shore side management with a basic understanding of cargo transfer operations with FSRUs during a Ship-to-Ship Transfer.

This module covers basic STS Transfer configurations, the equipment to be used, mooring configurations and operations, specialized STS Mooring equipment and procedures, and also covers many of the stages of the cargo transfer and emergency release scenarios.

Completion of this training may be a requirement/requisite for attending a Terminal operation for Assurance purposes.

What you'll learn

After completing this module, you should have a basic understanding of LNG Ship to Ship Transfer Operations.

Course Contents

The course includes the following components.

  • STS Protocol and Regulation
  • STS Transfer Main Equipment
  • STS Auxiliary Equipment
  • Mooring Operations
  • Equipment Connection and Handling Procedures
  • Cargo Transfer Operations
  • Emergency Procedures


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This eLearning module was developed in cooperation with Excelerate Energy L.P.

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