Marlins Maritime English: Elementary Level

Learning Topic: Communication Skills

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Effective communication is required to work at sea: this programme is developed for learners working within multi-national teams to improve their English language and communication skills.

Set on the “MV Marlin”, the course consists of five units, each with a different maritime theme which integrates grammar, maritime vocabulary, SMCP and pronunciation into a comprehensive self-study programme.

Marlins Maritime English specialists have devised a variety of highly creative, interactive speaking, listening and reading tasks to engage and motivate the learner throughout.

An in-built speech recording facility allows learners to participate in dialogues with a play back feature and language support to encourage clear pronunciation and fluency. The elearning includes study tips and encourages independent practice.

Each unit concludes with a short revision task to reinforce learning and provide feedback.

Course Contents

The course includes the following components.

  • 0808.01 - Welcome on board
  • 0808.02 - Safety on board
  • 0808.03 - Engine Room Watchkeeping
  • 0808.04 - Incidents on board
  • 0808.05 - Arrival in Port