MTI Shoreside Media Course

Learning Topic: Health and Wellbeing

45 minutes

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How do you deal with a call from a journalist in the midst of an incident if you are not the company spokesperson? This media training course from industry experts, MTI, provides employees at all levels with techniques on how to respond appropriately during the pressure of an incident.

There are six sections in the Shoreside Media Course, each dealing with different aspects of the media, families and cyber security:

  1. The Media Landscape
  2. Responding to the Media
  3. Responding to Families
  4. Media Ambush
  5. Social Media
  6. Cyber Security

The course is interactive with questioning at the end of each section, designed to enhance learning.

What you'll learn

Confidence in how to handle media call

Understanding how to deal with a media ambush

What to do when responding to families

How to use social media responsibly

Awareness of the importance of Cyber Security


  • English


  • Shore based personnel