Marlins shop updated

If you have previously purchased through the Marlins shop (,uk) things may be looking a bit different to you. That’s because we have recently re-launched a new version of the shop and updated the online Learning Management System where you take your courses.

Why the change?

In June 2020 Marlins became part of the Ocean Technologies Group bringing it under common ownership with other maritime training brands Seagull, Videotel and Maritime Training Services (MTS). All of our brands offer online maritime training courses, different options on certification and areas of expertise. We have begun the process of consolidating those titles in a single online shop where maritime professionals can have a wider choice and find the right course for them.

What’s changed?

As we have been consolidating courses we have decided to retire some titles. Others are being updated and although temporarily unavailable will be added very soon.

The LMS has been completely updated and we have also implemented a new sign up process. This process is built around an “Ocean ID” which will be your unique identifier and enable you to access a number of our services.

If you have courses in progress, don’t worry, any active subscriptions will be migrated to your new account. You just need to sign up for your Ocean ID to unlock your account and continue to work through your e-learning course.

Should you have any problems, or require more informations please email us at and our team will be happy to assist you.

To register for your Ocean ID please click here 

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