MTI Seafarer Media Training

Learning Topic: Communication Skills, Health and Wellbeing

45 minutes

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Dealing with the media during an incident can be a stressful experience for crew and for their families if you are unprepared. How you respond to the media could also inadvertently put the vessel, crew, environment or company security at risk. Using social media can create additional problems in this era of "fast news" so it is very important to be aware of the potential dangers.

This module looks at some of these problems through interactive elearning.

The aim of this elearning module is to ensure shipboard staff are aware of how to handle the media, especially after an incident. This module will equip them with the techniques needed to ensure they can respond effectively and professionally.

The module is interactive using realistic scenarios, videos, audio guided presentations and multiple choice questions to deliver the content.

What you'll learn

How to handle media calls

How to deal with a media ambush

The use of social media onboard

Dealing with families in crisis

Wellness onboard


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This eLearning module was developed in cooperation with MTI Network.

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