STCW Security Courses for everyone 

Ensure you are certified and employment-ready with the STCW approved security course you need to help keep yourself, your crew and your ship safe.

Which Security Course do I need?

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Which type of vessel do you work on?


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Not sure on your duties? Check with your employer before purchasing a course

I will complete the course and assessment on board a vessel

I will complete the assessment at a Marlins Approved Test Centre

STCW Security Flag Approvals

We offer a number of different options on which country (Flag State) we can issue your course certificate on behalf of. Different Flag States have different requirements for this training, for example, the Liberia Registry do not require your course assessment to be supervised while the Maritime & Coastguard Agency (UK) and Norwegian Maritime Authority both require your assessment to be supervised under exam conditions. For supervised assessments, you have the option of attending an Approved Test Centre or completing the assessment onboard ship.  


STCW Security Duties

Security Awareness training is required to be completed by all seafarers working onboard a ship which is required to comply with the provisions of the ISPS Code.  Designated Security Duties training, which incorporates Security Awareness training, is required to be completed by seafarers who are designated to perform security duties onboard including anti-piracy and anti-armed-robbery-related activities. If you are unsure of which certificate you need, we recommend that you contact your employer to find out.