[STCW] Assessor Training Course

Learning Topic: Safety

7-10 hours

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The purpose of this onboard course is to provide necessary knowledge for the execution of proper in-service assessment in accordance with the requirements of the IMO Onboard Assessment Model Course 1.30, 2017 edition and STCW Regulations I/4 and I/6. The model course is part of the IMO strategy to improve the training and certification standards of seafarers. Those persons who successfully complete this training program will be able to perform as assessors, and will be able to assess competence in specific skills, duties or knowledge.

This course provides theoretical and practical training for senior ship officers appointed as assessors to provide the competence and confidence he or she will require to complete this task. The candidate for assessor training should have a thorough knowledge of the Onboard Training Record Book, with special emphasis on the instructor and assessors role in the training process.

On completion of this course a Documentary Evidence will be issued by Ocean Technologies Group, powered by Seagull

What you'll learn

Execution of proper in-service assessment

Principles of assessment and assessment systems

Understanding assessment as a part of the learning process

Preparing for an observant assessment

Carrying out an observant assessment

Oral questioning and listening techniques

Requirements of an Assessor

Course Contents

The course includes the following components.

  • Module #0263 - Principles of assessment
  • Module #0264 - Onboard assessment
  • Workbook - Assessor


There are no pre-requisites for this course


STCW 1978 as amended Regulation I/6 and IMO Model Course 1.30


Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA)


This course may be accepted by other maritime administrations. Please contact us for details.

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