[STCW] Ship Security Officer Training Course (MCA, NMA)

Learning Topic: Security

21 hours

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When the ISPS Code was introduced in 2004, most ships were required to have a Security Officer. The training requires that the Ship’s Security Officer (SSO) will maintain an effective security system on board working in conjunction with the Company Security Officer (CSO). The purpose of this course is to give those seeking a certificate of proficiency as a Ship Security Officer the requisite knowledge needed to meet the requirements of Chapter VI of the STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended by the 2010 Manila amendments.

On completion of this course you will receive a Certificate of Proficiency from Ocean Technologies Group, powered by Marlins, Seagull and Videotel.

Please note:  Three flag approved certificates are available: please check which flag approval you need before purchasing as requirements vary.

 To obtain a certificate with MCA/NMA flag approval – you must complete the assessment part of this course on board ship. The Master/senior officer onboard  must sign and stamp your application form to verify they have directly supervised your eLearning assessment(s).

 To obtain a certificate with Liberia flag approval  - you can complete this course and assessment either on board or on shore in the offices of a registered shipping company or maritime institution.

 The Master/senior officer onboard or a senior official onshore must sign and stamp your application form to verify they have directly supervised your eLearning assessment(s).

Please refer to the 'approvals' section below for further information.

What you'll learn

The Roles and Responsibilities of the Company and Ship Security Officers

The Responsibilities of Seafarers with Designated Security Duties

The Ship Security Assessment and Ship Security Plan

Reporting Procedures

Defensive and Protective Measures Including Searching People and Searching the Ship

Drills and Training

Anti-piracy Measures and Practices

Emergency Measures

Course Contents

The course includes the following components.

  • Module #644.01 Shipboard Security Officer, Introduction
  • Module #644.02 Shipboard Security Officer, Security - Organisation and Responsibilities
  • Module #644.03 Shipboard Security Officer, Security On Board - Planning and Management
  • Module #644.04 Shipboard Security Officer, Security On Board - Routine Defences
  • Module #644.05 Shipboard Security Officer, Emergencies
  • Module #644.06 Shipboard Security Officer, Video
  • Module #644.07 Shipboard Security Officer, Assessment
  • Workbook - Ship Security Officer (to be completed offline)


Please refer to the course Documentation Checklist for information on course pre-requisites.


The Ship Security Officer course has been developed in accordance with:

  • Regulation VI/5 and Section A-VI/5 of the STCW Convention and Code (2010)
  • Chapter XI-2 of the annex to the International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) Convention 1978, as amended
  • The International Ship and Port Facility Code (2004), as amended
  • IMO Model Course 3.19, 2012 Edition
  • MNTB Security Courses Criteria, 2nd Edition


Maritime and Coastguard Agency, The Norwegian Maritime Authority, Liberian Registry

For MCA or NMA certification, this course must be completed under supervision, onboard ship.


This course may be accepted by other maritime administrations. Please contact us for details.

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