Anger Management

Learning Topic: Health and Wellbeing

12 minutes

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Our Anger Management training course will aim to provide guidance in how best to cope with feelings of anger, both personally and professionally.   Anger is a common emotion, with the potential to be destructive when unmanaged.  How you express anger and respond to other people's anger is crucial when working in a shipboard environment with its unique pressures.  We hope this course will provide you with the tools to help improve your personal wellbeing while nurturing relationships around you.

Our course will cover a number of techniques offering guidance in managing anger in a constructive way. We look at how best to identify anger in ourselves and what warning signs to look out for in our fellow crew members.



What you'll learn

You will learn how to manage feeling of frustration in a healthy manner

You will learn how to respond and handle the criticism

You will learn how to set goals correctly

You will learn anger management in a nutshell

You will learn to change your habits and control anger




  • Engine – Management
  • Electric – Operational
  • Shore based personnel
  • Deck – Operational
  • Electric – Support
  • Catering
  • Engine – Operational
  • Engine – Support
  • Deck – Support
  • Deck – Management
  • Electric – Management