Becoming ‘Whale Aware’

Learning Topic: Environmental, Navigation

68 minutes

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Collisions with marine traffic is one of the greatest known threats to whales, dolphins, and porpoises.

Whether it’s fishing fleets, cargo ships, cruise liners or whale watching vessels, ship strikes pose a significant threat, especially to large whale species, many of which are endangered.

As the amount of marine traffic in our oceans increases, so does the risk of whales, dolphins and porpoises coming into conflict with these vessels. The implications are not just for the conservation and welfare of cetaceans, but for human safety as well.

The World Cetacean Alliance (WCA) has developed the “Becoming Whale Aware” online training module for commercial vessels, including cruise ships, as part of our efforts to ensure the conservation and protection of whales and dolphins and their environment, as well as the safety of vessel crew and passengers.

This module is designed to enhance the ability of vessel crews in avoiding collisions with whales and dolphins.

What you'll learn

Understand best vessel management at sea

Think ahead in order to understand where whales will be

Identify and manage collision risk

Take appropriate operational measures

Correctly report incidents

Understand different whale species and behaviors

Course Contents

The course includes the following components.

  • Module #4169 - WCA, Becoming 'Whale Aware'


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