Cyber Wellness

Learning Topic: Health and Wellbeing

12 minutes

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Internet connectivity is an important benefit for seafarers and has become increasingly available on board. It can help them to stay in touch with family and friends, and provides entertainment in the form of games, TV and access to social media. But it is important to manage screen time at leisure. When online activities start eating into important downtime this can lead to increased fatigue and lower concentration levels on duty which may in turn affect performance. At the same time, sacrificing social engagement with fellow crew mates can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness.

There are three simple principles that seafarers should follow to make good choices when using phones, tablets, laptops and other mobile digital devices. Respect for self and others, safe and responsible use and managing non-work screen time

This e-learning module gives tips how to achieve the above. It explains why screen time can become addictive and shows practical ways of staying in control.

What you'll learn

Identify the risks that can occur through overuse of smart phones, tablets, laptops and social media

Give examples of how a healthy balance between work and leisure, offline and online can be achieved

Explain how positive online behaviours can help to maintain concentration and focus while at work

Outline the considerations to be made before posting on social media

Describe the key steps to ensuring cyber security on board is maintained


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