Harassment and Bullying Prevention

Learning Topic: Health and Wellbeing

13 minutes

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Everyone has the right to work free from harassment and bullying. Everyone on board plays an important role in maintaining shipboard civility and a respectful work environment.

You may find it hard to maintain positive relationships on board at times. Working at sea can be difficult (seasickness, fatigue, separation from home and living in close quarters) - while these factors may affect you, they do not excuse bad behaviour. The same factors affect everyone on board. Being respectful and helpful to shipmates goes a long way to promoting the work environment we desire.

If you are aware of the stresses of life on board, you can plan ahead, take care of yourself, and minimize their impact.

In this module, you will learn the definitions of harassment, bullying, and a hostile work environment as well as the steps required to minimise these and encourage a professional atmosphere on board.

What you'll learn

learn the steps required to address harassment from the victim, bystander, and perpetrator's perspective

know how to build awareness for the "continuum of harm" in which an environment of acceptance creates inappropriate behaviors

learn the definitions of key terms, including bullying, hostile work environment, assault, and sexual harassment




  • Engine – Management
  • Electric – Operational
  • Shore based personnel
  • Deck – Operational
  • Electric – Support
  • Catering
  • Engine – Operational
  • Engine – Support
  • Deck – Support
  • Deck – Management
  • Electric – Management