[STCW] Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR) Training Course (Liberia)

1.5 hour

STCW Passenger Safety, Cargo Safety and Hull Integrity (PACSHIT)

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Personal Safety and Social Responsibility (PSSR) is required by all seafarers in deck, engine and hotel departments before they start their shipboard duties.  

PSSR is required under the Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) for all new entrants before they are assigned any shipboard duties. 

This course forms part of the basic safety training required for joining ship. 

This training complies with Regulation VI/1, paragraph 1 and Section A-VI/1, paragraph 2.1.4 of the STCW Convention and Code 1978, as amended. 

This course is approved by the Republic of Liberia and is recognised by the UK MCA and can be used for application for a Certificate of Competency. 

What you'll learn

Introduction to the Merchant Navy

Emergency Procedures

Pollution Prevention

Safe Working Practices

Effective Communications

Effective Relationships

Fatigue Management