Low Sulphur Operations Training Course

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2 hours

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On January 1st 2020 a new regulation concerning low Sulphur content in fuel came into force. To be able to comply with the new regulation many ships must either install an exhaust gas treatment plant (scrubber) or burn low Sulphur fuel which require some operational changes to their machinery.

The Low sulphur operation course has been developed to focus on operational challenges related to switching between high and ultra-low sulphur fuels. Switching between high and ultra-low sulphur fuels has become a reality for many vessels trading in and out of emission control areas (ECAs). After 1 January 2015 a vessel operating in an emission control area can not use fuel with a sulphur content exceeding 0.10%. Due to very different properties of high and ultra-low sulphur fuels this can lead to both economical and operational challenges for the affected vessels while failure to comply with the regulations could result in vessel detention or prosecution.

This course is intended for engineering officers and ratings onboard ships using fuel oils with different sulphur content. On completion of this course you will receive Certificate of Completion from Ocean Technologies Group, powered by Marlins, Seagull and Videotel.

What you'll learn

The objective is to provide competence and enhance the knowledge of low sulphur operation onboard vessels both operating inside and outside Emission Control Areas.

Course Contents

The course includes the following components.

  • Module #0417 - Low Sulphur fuel operation
  • Workbook - Low Sulphur Operations


There are no course prerequisites.


MARPOL Annex VI Regulation 14


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